Prof. Dr. Ir. Endang Tri Margawati M.Agr.Sc


§  Collaborative research between LIPI, Indonesia and the University of Sydney, Australia in Disease resistance to internal parasite in ITT sheep, ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural research) project (1999 - 2004), Research Coordinator at RCB-LIPI


§  Collaborative research between LIPI, Indonesia and Murdoch University, Australia in recombinant Jembrana vaccine production, ACIAR project (2001 - 2004), Research Coordinator at RCB-LIPI


§  Development of Jembrana vaccine with recombinant protein-based technology, Indonesian competitive research grant-LIPI (2006-2007), Research coordinator


§  Confirmation of CSSM18 and TMR1 markers on chromosomal ovine18 as criteria selection for growth trait in local Garut sheep, Indonesian research grant-RISTEK 2007 (Research Coordinator)


§  Assessment of recombinant protein J-Tat pET Expression. Indonesian research grant-LIPI 2008 (Research Coordinator)


§  Improvement of dairy cattle productivity through shortening Calving Interval and possibility to search twinning genes. Indonesian research grant (DIKNAS, DIPA): 2009-2010-2011 (Research Coordinator)


§  Development of Jembrana Vaccine: cloning and expression of J-SU pET.Indonesian research grant (DIKNAS): 2011 (Research Coordinator)


§  Identification of Lean Meat Traits in Bali cattle by using SNP marker (PKPP): 2012 (Research Coordinator)


§  Development of Jembrana vaccine material Bali cattle through constructing env-su gene into pET plasmid and its expression (SiNas, RISTEK): 2013-2014 (Research Coordinator)  


§  Composing Genetic Architecture of Bali Cattle by DNA Analysis Approaches (Thematic Program of LIPI Research Grant): 2015-2016 (Research Coordinator)  


§  Genetic Diversity and Relationship of Bali cattle from several locations in Indonesia (Thematic Program of LIPI Research Grant): 2017 (Research Coordinator)  


§  Production of Recombinant Protein JTAT as Jembrana Vaccine Candidate for field trial purposes in Bali Cattle (KP4S, Agricultural Ministry): 2017 (Research Coordinator) 



Koleksi Dna dan Konfirmasi Marka Eth10 Pengkode Sifat Pertumbuhan pada Sapi Pasundan

Sapi Pasundan secara genetik merupakan generasi dari tetua yang mengalami tekanan inbreeding dari program grading up sapi Ongole dan program grading up sapi Jawa dengan sapi Madura dan

Genotyping of Kappa-Casein Gene of Buffalo in Indonesian

Casein (KCN) is a milk protein with four variants of alpha S1, alpha S2, beta and kappa which has different allel of each. Kappa Casein (CSN3) gene lies

Confirmation of Existing Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Gene Associated with Growth and Milk-Production Traits and Genetic Diversity in Buffalo

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) gene plays an important role in the endocrine system of animals by regulating nutrient metabolism, growth, and milk production. There have been extensive molecular

Optimization of expression JTAT protein with emphasis on transformation efficiency and IPTG concentration

One of small accessory genes between pol and env is tat gene encoding TAT protein. This research was aimed to optimize the expression of Jembrana TAT (JTAT) protein with preparing Escherichia coli (E. coli) in advance

Genetic polymorphism of kappa-casein gene in Friesian Holstein: a basic selection of dairy cattle superiority